Unstable Windows 10 build 15063.0 video

Here in this video you can see weird behavior of Windows 10 pro build no. 15063.0. Yesterday, I had installed updates it seems that this might be due to unstable build.  You can checkout the video here:


Video and Image Lightbox Gallery in Drupal 7

So, finally the day has come..:)

A very warm welcome on your first visit here . I am going show you how to build an image and video gallery in a lightbox view.

What do you need ?

Lets first start with image gallery. The very first thing which you need to do is to download and install lightbox2 module. You can configure it the way you want you want from the configuration tab and finally enable it. You will something like this:


Now, head over to admin/structure/content types and create new content type. Then give any suitable name, title field label and if you tweak in more and when done, hit save and add fields button.

Edit content

At this point you have created a content field which later on encloses the data you want to display on your page. On MANAGE FIELD tab, add new field by giving it suitable name for your gallery, set the field type to image and hit save. You can also change the order of the all the fields by dragging.

manage field

Then again hit save field settings and on the landing page set:

  • Preview image style to Medium
  • Number of values to unlimited and any other changes if you want.

When you are done, click save settings.


Next step, switch to MANAGE DISPLAY tab, there you will see your created field. Change its format to image and click gear icon on the right, then change Image style to any desired style(you can also add custom styles at admin/config/media/image-styles) and Link image to content and you are done, hit save. This part customize the way your images will be displayed on the page.

manage display

Now, move to edit tab and hit save content type. Before proceeding further we should add some content to our content type, for this go to node/add and hit Sidebar Gallery.  Add some images from there and click save.

To show your created content on a page, you need add that content to views. So, move to admin/structure/views and click add new view and proceed like this:

  • give your view a name.
  • show content type of type Sidebar Gallery(name of content type created above) sorted by newest first.

view name

  • if you want your content to be displayed in the page body then check the create a page checkbox and customize it.

create page

  • check create a block checkbox and set display format to Grid of fields.

create block

and finally hit continue and edit. On the display page, add new field of type Gallery Images and customize its settings and remember to change ALL display to This Page from the top otherwise your changes will other views. Similarly add edit field also which will be used to add add/delete images to/from your content type.

add new field

On my side things look like this:


Click on Gallery image field and edit settings like this and hit apply:

Add lightbox

Click on the save button for saving the changes made to view and you are done 🙂 You can view the page and it will look like this:

final image

If you also want to add a gallery to sidebar of the page then head over to the block tab on the previous view page and add both the fields(Gallery Image and edit) and customize their according to the one you you have done for your page and hit save. After this, switch over to admin/structure/block and find the view and place it on the second sidebar like this:


This completes your task. Your sidebar gallery will look like this(to admin).

sidebar gallery

and video gallery will be delivered in my next article which is coming very soon.

thanks for reading guys 🙂 and don’t forget to Like and share your views about anything you like  or specially those things that you don’t like. I would love to hear from you.

Thanks a ton!!!

Easy 2 Search

Sagar Malhotra
Easy 2 Search totally adhere by its name. You don’t need to open browser for different types of content search. You can use this application to search the web more efficiently. You are provided with many different options like search for images news,word-meaning and more, all at one place.

via Easy 2 Search.

Changing Window 7 welcome screen

Hi, welcome to the very first article of RE(rootexplanation) . Have you ever think upon how to change the windows 7 welcome screen??? No, don’t worry… you are just few minutes away from this stuff.
Read this article and make use of it.
Open windows explorer and goto “C:\Windows\System32\oobe\INFO\backgrounds” (without quotes) and don’t worry about the folder names as the this path is same on all computer running window 7.
Now paste your desired background image there but its dimension should be equal or approximately equal to 1024×768 and then name it “backgrounddefault” (again without quotes).
Remember name should be the same as mentioned above, and you are done.
Hope you enjoy this article.

Innovation will…

Innovation will stop…only when imagination is the limit!!!